Our internship programs are designed to turn you into a professional. Our top of the industry training programs will teach you how to excel!

Internship Opportunities

      • College Scholarship Coordinator Internship


      • Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Internship


      • Investments/Financial Advisor Internship


      • Operations Management Internship

College Scholarship Coordinator Internship

• Help parents, students, and often your own University, by helping American employers set up a College Scholarship Program. This one semester internship will give you the valuable skill sets designed by both academia and private sector.

Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Internship

• This unique internship offers an intense training program that prepares college students for a professional career in the Human Resources field. EAS’s comprehensive training combined with hands on field experience improves resumes and dramatically increases confidence. You will be exposed to compensation and benefits programs as well as all aspects of recruiting and onboarding.

Investments/Financial Advisor Internship

• This internship will give you a leg up to land a top position in the world of investment banking, private equity, securities and finance. You will learn about the world of finance and investing by working with some of America’s top asset managers, marketing 401(k) plans and benefit programs either to, or with financial advisors. You will make connections that can open doors into a lucrative career in the industry.

Operations Management Internship

• Want to be a Chief Operating Office (C.O.O.) someday? Get your start now by learning how to run a business. You will work as an apprentice with either the C.O.O. of EAS or a Branch Manager depending on your location. This part-time internship is limited to two (2) students per semester, per branch, so apply early.

“This internship allowed me to remake my resume from a college student to a Human Resource professional. And with that, I got job offers immediately and my current HR position.”

– Casey D. Spring 2015
University of Maryland

“During the internship, Carrie gave me the skill set that corporate HR professionals need. She redid my resume and helped me to interview with a new sense of confidence. That’s the only reason I got all my job offers.”

-Serena C. Fall 2014
John Hopkins University