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EAS specializes in helping midsize and larger employer groups bring cost saving solutions to the private and public sector, as well as unions. We provide full-service benefits communication and enrollment services, with a specialty in creating greater employee participation and contributions to the employers 401(k)/403(b) plans, while driving down overall total benefits costs.

20 Years Experience

For 20 years, we have helped companies, municipalities, non-profits, and unions find better solutions.

401K Accelerator

Employers Provide Scholarships for Their Employees Children

Friendly Staff

We work with employees and provide discussions to fully inform employees.

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    Why Choose Employer Assurance Solutions


    A History of Trust and Dependability


    EAS specializes in implementing 401(k) accelerators and college scholarship programs to businesses with 25 or more employees in the United States. With the growing need for our services due to the challenges of college tuition bills, we are looking for motivated individuals to work in our Baltimore/Washington area offices. If you have the passion and professionalism, we have what you need to succeed. We focus on the long-term of every aspect of our business.

    College Scholarship Director

    In this management position a College Scholarship Director specializes in guiding professionals through career transitions. Working with new College Scholarship Coordinators in the field as well as in the office, which greatly accelerates the learning process.

    College Scholarship Coordinator

    In this business-to-business position, you will establish and install 401(K) Accelerators Programs for existing and new clients. You will network primarily with Financial Advisers, 401(K) brokers, and Wealth Management Professionals.

    Management Positions

    Run Your own Branch/Office. Lead a team of Account Executives in your area. Manage and execute all aspects of the business development process. Train and develop new Account Executives with opportunities to earn large bonuses based on their success and your business plan.


    Employer Servicing Representative (Part Time)

    This Customer Service Position allows people who want and need total flexibility with their schedules to work part-time, while making a great income ($65/hr on average). Once trained you will be registered on an ‘Uber-like’ application that will provide you with service job opportunities, which you can accept or decline at your complete discretion.

    We are Here to Help

    EAS offers opportunities to grow – personally and professionally. Not only can you help provide valuable financial tools to America’s workers, you control your income. Are you ready to use your skills, ideas and experience to make a difference for people?

    Paying for Eduaction

    Our cost reduction methods work in nearly 98% of situations.

    Savings and Investing

    EAS has recognized that clients are always interested in reducing costs and improving retirement programs.

    Business Goals

    We focus on the long-term in every facet of our business.

    Cost Reduction

    Our College Scholarship program allows employers to provide guaranteed college scholarships.

    Career Perks

    When you choose to join the EAS team, you will be with a most dynamic organization. We stand out from others in many ways including our industry leading training programs, both in the classroom and on-demand online, as well as our award-winning mentorship program. Our culture of work hard, play hard is evident through our numerous incentives, vacations and contests. All of the hard work comes with its benefits. Whether you are seeking a career or an internship, EAS can offer a rewarding position for you.



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